Afternoon Enrichment


Afternoon Enrichment is from Noon (after Lunch) until 1:30 PM

Our afternoon curriculum enriches the learning experiences of our 3- to 4-year-old morning preschoolers.  We offer unique and challenging afternoon activities that consolidate and develop skills in math, language arts, science, and the arts.  Our experienced preschool teachers teach all the classes.  Children from other preschools are welcome to attend our afternoon enrichment programs.

Monday - ABC…123       

Children explore letters and numbers through singing, movement, and activities.  We use hands-on activities to teach number concepts and the alphabet.  Follow this link:

Tuesday - Creative Cooking

Get your mixing spoon ready!  Every Tuesday the children measure and mix as they create new concoctions.  With recipe in hand, we read and follow step-by-step directions.  Fine motor, scientific discovery, and basic math skills are developed.  Follow this link:

Wednesday - Little Scientist

Children discover the wonderful world God has given to us.  Hands-on science activities provide children with opportunities to explore everything from bubbles and color mixing to shadows and light.  Nature investigations are also offered as part of the program.  Follow this link:

Thursday - Exploring the Arts

Visual arts, music and/or drama activities extend literature-based learning.  Many types of materials are used for art activities and drama, providing rich opportunities for creativity.  Follow this link:

Friday - Fly Away

 Children learn and experience places around the globe.  Adventures such as cultural celebrations, literature, art, music, and food are explored.  Follow this link:

M/W and/or Tu/Th  PreK+

The focus of PreK+ is to develop a 4-year-old's emerging knowledge of letters and numbers through a hands-on curriculum incorporating games, science activities, literature, computers and physical education.  Children should be 4 by September 1st.  Follow this link: